Geek Love Radio Ep.123 : Love, Exciting and New

This week Dave the Drummer gives GLR a new theme song, that Francis is pretty much in love with. Speaking of love, Francis talks about a friend, who is wrapped up in a whirlwind romance and how quickly a relationship can go from 0 to 60 in less than 3 seconds. From there’s it’s all about love and how it affects people, the power of infatuation, and how we kind of throw away our rational thoughts when we’re infatuated. Finally, a challenge to the listen to make a new friend this week. Sticking with the solo format for now, it’s all that and more, on this week’s Geek Love Radio

Episode 123





Naboo Brew Episode 16 : One Wedding, Three Choices, and an Allergy

This week’s Naboo Brew is totally different as there is a huge announcement to make. So if you want to know…which you can more or less guess from the title…you’ll have to listen to the show as something is revealed, a choice needs to be made, and Francis is stuck fighting allergies. Naboo Brew still powers on with a shortened episode with some actual Star Wars news.

Episode 16



The Next Element Episode 33

Join Colin and Anthony as they welcome the ultra talented Jules Rivera @julesrivera a woman that wears many hats as we run the gambit! This ones got something for everyone people! We talk Jules’s Kickstarter Misfortune High, her webcomic Valkyrie Squadron, Celtx and Evernote, salted meats, Toonami, Sailor Moon, a Biscuit dance, sex and race in comics, and John Leguizamo as the Black Panther. Yeah, you read that right, I didn’t stutter. Come, join in the fun!

Episode 33