An Elegant Weapon Episode LXXXI…Boogedy Boogedy Boo!

Happy All Hallow’s eve!

The Bachman joins me to babble on about the Bat and Mr. Boogedy.

A  Jedi Ras cut.


Episode LXXXI




Topical Tie-in : Mr. Boogedy




An Elegant Weapon Episode LXXX…A Tourist in Metropolis

This episode is our first official in person international crosspod as Thom of the GeekgirlNerdboy podcast travels to the magical land of Toronto where the Jedi Ras plays tour guide on a journey through the city that inspired Metropolis. Head over to GeekgirlNerdboy to check out their version of this ep and much much more!

Make Pod.

A Jedi Ras cut.


Episode LXXX



The Wombmates Ep. 53: Steampunk At It’s Finest with Madeline Holly-Rosing

We welcome back Madeleine Holly-Rosing to the show! She has launched a Kickstarter for her Steampunk comic book Boston Metaphysical Society! We talk about what it takes to do a Kickstarter project. The “do’s” and the “don’t’s” and the constant work to meet your goal. Then we talk about the Con season and get some tips for enduring the grind of a Con as a creator. You can read her comic for free at Boston Metaphysical Society
It was a great time talking to her and we hope you enjoy it!

Episode 53

Tesla’s tank!!!





The Dragon Fisters Episode 089: Actual Play – Towns, Sounds, and Mounds

This Episode:  With one of the seals possibly unlocked, the trio begins to head (with gusto) to the next point on their secret map.  Along their trek, they come across hints of civilization.  Though now long abandoned by it’s original owner, as history goes, when one power leaves another always moves in to fill the vacuumous space.

And please, feel free to Contact Us through any means you’d prefer.
Jesse (Game Master), Dave (Agnim), Al (Marmolek), & Besse (Leo)

Episode 89