An Elegant Weapon Episode LXXXV…The Return of Gallifrey

All right, sweeties! It’s the fourth and final installment of our month long Doctor Who 50th anniversary celebration. Put on your brainy specs, grab your jelly babies and join Adam, Francis and The Jedi Ras for a gushing account of The Day of The Doctor.

Save the day.

Make Pod.

A Jedi Ras cut.





Hybrid Interests Ep 25 – Robin Childs of Kickstarter

I had my Friend and local Comicbook Artist, Robin Childs of come by and chat about her new Kickstarter program!  Robin has been an Artist since her teen years, and that lead to her starting her own book.  I backed her Vol 2 book last year, and it was really cool knowing that i helped her dream come true – Take a listen and see why it is i love chatting with her whenever i see her!

Excuse some of the audio quality – the channels are separated –  i have a new computer and im still working out the bugs
Find Robin at these fine links!

An Elegant Weapon Episode LXXXIII…Vengeance of The Valeyard

Part 2 of our Doctor Who 50th anniversary celebrations!
Whovian and fellow POI’er  Francis ” The Other Guy ” Fernandez joins the chat as we explore theories of The Valeyard, personality traits of the various incarnations of The Doctor and their relationships to their companions and even manage to sneak in a little review of the Yahoo Man of Steel Fan QandA event.

A Jedi Ras cut.

Episode LXXXIII…Vengeance of The Valeyard


A Critical Moment of Awesome Ep. 126: The Gravy Makes Me Thor

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This week Dave and Francis talk British pubs, food, bad jokes, and we discuss a new bad music video by Riak: Francis gives a review of Thor: The Dark World, while Dave wonders if there will be a Deadpool movie. It’s all this and much more on this week’s Crit Mo.

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Episode 126