The Next Element Episode 35

What, did you think you were going to make it through the rest of the year without hearing from us? Well almost, and almost. You’ll soon understand. Here’s a little something for you all this wonderful Xmas Eve.

Enjoy! And Merry Xmas!!!!!


Episode 35




Points Of Interest Holiday Special!

Join network hosts J.M.Clark, Josh “El Hawkez” Hawkes and Anthony Bachman as they celebrate the passing of 2013. The boys touch upon ’80’s Christmas Classics, Star Wars comics, cartoons, conventions and introduce you to each and every show featured here on The Points of Interest Podcast Network!

Holiday Special



John DiMaggio to Join the Animeland Wasabi 2014

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE :: John DiMaggio to Join the Animeland Wasabi 2014
John DiMaggio is a legendary voice actor in both video games and animation. He, like a few others, has a distinctively unique voice that makes him very recognizable whenever you hear it. John has voiced many, many notable characters in the industry such as:
Bender Bending Rodriguez – Futurama
Wakka/Kimahri Ronso – Final Fantasy X/X-2
Marcus Fenix – Gears of War franchise
The Joker – Batman: Under the Red Hood
Recently, you can hear him as the voice of Jake the Dog from the hit show, Adventure Time!
Please join Animeland in welcoming John DiMaggio to Animeland Wasabi 2014!! All attendees will have the opportunity to purchase autographs and photo ops from our guest of honor.