Human by Gabe Smith and Ryan Merril. As reviewed by J.M.Clark



Several episodes ago we were lucky enough to have Gabe Smith, writer and creator of the Comic book, Human, as a guest on the show. We had a great time hanging out with Gabe and after getting to know him a little I found myself eagerly awaiting the arrival of Human, which I’m pleased to say did not disappoint. The book is a well written, clearly cohesive story that takes place in a future society where gene splicing and DNA experimentation is illegal, yet regularly practiced. The characters we encounter during this action packed tale are a varied bunch of future inhabitants from a bad ass bounty hunter chick to government scientists to four armed thugs.

These characters exist within an amazingly conceived landscape created by artist Ryan Merril. The characters themselves consist of very well balanced hard and soft lines while Merril’s use of perspective is insanely well executed.

This book is an interesting and exciting story to read and the artwork is a joy to look at, but don’t take my word for it, Human is offering a free download of issue one right now so please check it out and if you like it, support indie artists and BUY IT!


The Jedi Ras

Check out the kickstarter for issue 2




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