The Jedi Ras invades the Ontario Collector’s Con!



Last sunday I had the pleasure of attending the Ontario Collector’s Con right here in my very own beautiful city of Mississauga, On, Canada. Held at the cozy Delta Meadowvale hotel about ten mins north of the L5J in which I live, the show was an intimate atmosphere of collectable wares of all varieties from action figures to accessories to whatever else may fill your heart with flashes of fond memories from your childhood. The aisles of the very comfortably lit ballroom were stacked with transformers, easily the most stocked line of the show, from floor to ceiling. The next most displayed items were that of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, perhaps due to the presence of special guest Townsend Coleman, the voice of Michelangelo on the original TMNT cartoon. I had a chance to chat with Mr. Coleman. I admittedly let my fanboy get the better of me and did a little too much talking, trying to ensure that Mr. Coleman absolutely understood my grandiose appreciation for his work. He HAD to know, dammit! He was incredibly gracious in allowing me to gush over his awesomness for a few mins and was just as nice a guy as you’d most likely expect. He was all smiles all day happily signing things for people and taking pictures with fans. A truly bodacious dude.



I next spent a while rummaging through the copious amounts of 2$ action figure bins placed neatly under each table along the line. I found  excellent Thor and Cap’n ‘murca figures to bring home to my wee lad. He enjoyed them immensely. Easy Daddy points.

Wandering around noticing things you hadn’t thought of in 25 years was the one true element to the day that made me feel like a kid most of all, eyes wide, pure excitement. He-man was always my thing, and there was more than enough to cause me masters of the Universe overload. The sight of a Super Powers Batmobile caught my eye, made my brain tweek a little. Used to LOVE that thing. All the vendors and exhibitors at this show were serious, fairly priced, and pleasant to deal with, not to mention orderly, organized and very willing to help. A wonderful community represented by what seemed to be it’s best.  Including the one and only Vader’s Fist. Yes, the 501st Legion, Canadian Garrison was in attendance and Commanding Officer Roy Mitchell was kind enough to sit with me to talk about the Legion’s history, gaining membership, costume making, and many charitable activities. Roy’s an excellent Trooper and I greatly enjoyed our chat.

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The crowd thickened greatly within a couple of hours of the doors opening. Wrestling Superstar legend Nikolai Volkoff was difficult to get a glance at on account of the constant crowd huddled around his table. After a while longer wading through a sea of happiness, con organizer Colin was kind enough to sit down with me and ramble on about the con, future shows and his own personal love of Transformers. Overall, a fantastic convention. All around. From the people to the product to the presenters to the presented. Do not miss the next show, cause you’ll just be wasting a oppourtunity to smile…a lot.

Check out An Elegant Weapon Episode XCI…Ontario Collector’s Con edition!




A very special thank you to Colin of the O.C.C. for his support in allowing An Elegant Weapon to invade his con.

Sponsors of the Ontario Collector Con are the following,

B & K Collectables   The Toy Trove    Automaton Toys   Kool Toyz


Coming up next look for the 80’s Toy Expo on Sunday, May fourth featuring special guest, the voice of Skeletor, Alan Oppenheimer !


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An Elegant Weapon Episode XCI…Ontario Collector’s Con Edition


The Jedi Ras invades the first annual Ontario Collector’s Con! Conversations with the voice of Michelangelo, The Tick, and Sentinal Prime Townsend Coleman, Commanding Officer of the 501st Legion, Canadian Garrison, Roy Mitchell and Con founder and organizer Colin. Transformers, Turtles and Star Wars, oh my!

Episode XCI


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