Hey, kids! Prepare your audible receptors for an insane influx of new episodes coming at ya from The Junk Food Podcast , An Elegant Weapon , The Wombmates, A Critical Moment of Awesome, and Speak G33k 2 me!   Also, The Dragon Fisters present a special Bonus actual play episode featuring various hosts from around the network as well as the return of Spoiler Alert Theatre! The multi POI host show makes it’s debut on the POI network with The Hihghlander session. In News, Con season starts to creep in as Josh Hawkes attends the Animeland con this weekend and J.M. Clark makes his way to Toronto Comic Con the following weekend, which means lots of fun con pod coverage will soon be coming your way. Stay tuned and #makepod !



An Elegant Weapon Episode XCIV…Conceptually Furious under a Scarlett Moon

fc2ivyFreelance artist Nicole Bresner (artist behind our Leia logo) joins The Jedi Ras to talk about life, art, kids, and her first steps  into the comic world. Visit Scarlett Moon Studio on Etsy and FuryConception.com

A Jedi Ras cut.

Episode XCIV  fc3ww





Draon Fisters : BONUS Episode: Actual Play – POI Delvers Part I

This Episode:  The members of the POI Delvers roll up their characters and start their journey as they trundle through the woods from one town to the next.  Along the way, they run across some unwanted guests that decide their horse and cart look too good for these ruffians.

Featuring the following members of the Points of Interested Network:

Josh Hawkes of Points of Interest and Hybrid Interests, co-host of Two J’s Later with J.M. Clark, who also hosts An Elegant Weapon, alongside Anthony Bachman, artist behind G.E.E.K. and co-host of The Next Element, and lastly Francis Fernandez, co-host of A Critical Moment of Awesome, Nerdilicious, and Naboo Brew.

POI Delvers


The Wombmates Episode 68: Master of the Tangent!!! Zack! Empire!!!

I talk to Zack! Empire (@zackempire on twitter) about his indie comics, his process and
then the tangents ensue!!! We talk about Superman and Batman Jr., Dune, Terry
and the Pirates, Donald Duck, Death of Superman documentary and a ton of other
stuff!!! If you want free comics from him just E-mail him at itszackempire@gmail.com !!!
Check it out at his Tumblr
page too!!!

Episode 68