StarFest 2014 – May The Fourth Celebration


Hey all you crazy kids!  This weekend brings to the Denver area my favorite Convention of the year, and also MayTheFourth Star Wars Celebration all in one location……StarFest!

What is StarFest? – StarFest started in 1977 and is host to 6 Cons wrapped into one show.  ComicFest, HorrorFest, DigiFest, RoboFest, GameFest  and the Model and Art show.  Over the years, StarFest has had some amazing Guests.  Summer Glau, Sean Astin, Francis Ford Coppola, Christian Bale and many more.  It’s also the very first Convention I ever attended.  I started going to this amazing show in 2010 and have been back ever since.  I’ll highlight some of my favorite moments in a bit.

I can’t even highlight all the amazing panels, Guests, activities and fun that is to be had over this weekend.  Lets start with a few of the Guests im excited about.  Nichelle Nicholas, Sam Witwer and Billy D Williams.  Each one has been people I’ve always wanted to meet.

Nichelle Nicholas – Best known for her role on the original Star Trek series and movies as Lieutenant Uhura, she helped groundbreaking the way for Female African-Americans Actresses.  That alone should be reason enough, but She is also a Voice Actor and any chance I get to speak with someone in the VO/VA world, it just sets a fire under me to continue pursuing a career in it.

Sam Witwer – Its DOOMSDAY!  I was/am a huge Smallville fan and enjoyed the portrayal of Davis Bloome/Doomsday.  Lets not forget his roles in Angel, Dexter and Darth Maul on Star Wars: Clone Wars.  As if getting to voice Darth Maul wasn’t enough, he also provided his voice for Star Wars: Unleashed as Darth Vader’s secret Apprentice, and Emperor Palpatine.  Getting a chance to sit down with him would be something special.

Last but not least, Billy D Williams – Yep, Lando Calrissian the Original Owner of the Millennium Falcon or for some of you out there, the Colt45 guy.  This Mans credits are plentiful, going as far back as the early 70’s he has appeared in many Movies and TV shows and even a few Video Games.  My favorite role outside of Lando was in Titan Maximum as Admiral Chester Bitchface – I don’t know why, but every episode i would bust into laughter hearing his lines.  I’m really hoping we are treated to a song or two during his panel.

Now onto my favorite moments over the years attending StarFest

While looking at purchasing a Ninjto or Katana sword in the Dealers room, a gigantic hand landed on my shoulder.  I followed an arm up to the face of Peter Meyhew – Chewbacca himself – and in a soft English voice, he asked if would mind stepping aside for a moment….I looked at him, a bit star struck and said……You’re Chewbacca, go right ahead!  The look on my Friends faces were to die for!  None of us could belivie believe that it just happened and that I didn’t bust out a Chewie grunt.

After going to StarFest for a few years, last year i was granted my First Press Pass and conducted my very First Interview.  Who was the lucky Guest?  Final Destination writer, Jeremy Reddick.  i was so nervous that i called him Jeremy Roenick….Yep, the hockey player.  After correcting me and starting over, the Interview actually went really well – I’ve talked about this Interview on the podcasts before and how i was set up for an embarrassing moment by my Friends

Which brings me to my favorite part of Convention Season, making new Friends.  I’ve met more people who I consider Friends at StarFest than any other Convention.  It’s where I first met who we know as Star Wars Kristy, The entire crew of, Jake the TIE Pilot, who’s part of the 501st Mountain Garrison, Rianna Melton the Duct Tape artist and last but not least, Robin Childs, creator of Leylines webcomic.  All oh whom are Geeks in their own rights.

This years StarFest is looking to a step up from last year, with the Con falling on MayTheFourth, the Star Wars love is going to be out of control.  I’ve never really been anyplace for MayTheForth other than watching Star Wars at my house with Friends so this year should be a blast.  This year, ill be joined by Che and Katie and we will be taking pictures, recording segments for the podcast as well as interviews and much more.  We will be updating our Twitter and FB pages all weekend, so be sure that you’re following us!  And if you’re in costume, we want to take your picture!  If you’re an artist, we want to talk to you!  And if you’re Nichelle Nicholas, Sam Witwer or Billy D Williams, we want to talk to you!

Ger your tix HERE – See you this weekend!!



An Elegant Weapon Episode XCIC…GTA Comic Con

GTAConlogoThe Jedi Ras invades the inaugural year of the GTA Comic Con. Chats include an interview with the super awesome E. Roger Mitchell (The Walking Dead, Catching Fire, Anchorman 2) Anthony Ruttgaizer ( The First Hero,Union of Independent Professional Wrestlers), Alphonso Espinos (Studio Comix, The Night Spike) Joe Osei Bonsuand Mark Williams ( The Heroes of the World) The Puppettrazzi ( The Del Morgado Show ) Toronto Joker ( That Joker Guy ) and The X-men of Toronto!

Episode XCIX

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The Wombmates Episode 76: SPACE Con… Oh How We Love Thee.

You know what time it is??? It’s SPACE CON!!! We love this show that Bob Cordy (@SPACE_CON on twitter) puts on every year. It’s a must for any up and coming indie creator.
We met and talked to a ton a great guys and here’s some of the interview!!!

Tim Fuller does SHAM comics.

Sean Ford does Only Skin.

Ryan Claytor loves pinball!

Ragged Rider Seth and Andrew rock!

Chris Charlton is going to be a big name writer soon…

Bruce Worden does WOODSTALK.

and finally…

Nate Powell who is awesome and does MARCH and ANY EMPIRE!!!

Episode 76



Gamerstable Peaking, Plateauing & Jumping the Shark – Ep158

gamerstableSometimes your characters have that defining moment in their career that makes you stop and ask “should I go on?” Do you cross that line and continue after that moment and risk ruining the character? We talk about the three things that can absolutely destroy a character in the eyes of the player, peaking, plateauing and jumping the shark.

If you have some input on this, leave a comment here, via email or on our Facebook page.

Thanks to Erik Taylor for giving us this topic to work with.

Cast – Eric, Mike, Dan, Brandon, Shannon, Jayson and Shawn

Episode 158



Back When We Were Interesting Ep. 5 – Embarrassed & Mumbling

Welcome to Back When We Were Interesting, where we talk about the stories and the experiences that make us and you, interesting. Josh Hawkes and Francis Fernandez talk about Wondercon, but more of the experience there, and how being scared is kind of normal. Then it’s on to embarrassing moments, and things we do that we don’t think other people do. It’s all that and more on this week’s Back When Podcast.

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Episode 5