Split…a graphic novella review by Jay Webb

Split CoverAfter receiving this comic to review, I didn’t know what to expect. I know of Artist John Rodriguez AKA “JAR” from twitter and speaking with him previously about other things, Split almost passed me by. I only started following Mira Mortal recently too, when I was given the opportunity to review this book.


“Split” begins with a haunting image on the front cover, which in essence the first time you view it, the image doesn’t really take hold, that is until you read the novella. The opening of the story gives you the tragic premise of the whole issue while the whole time playing in the back of your mind, giving you the beginning of this horrific tale of a young families way of coping with tragedy. Throughout the story you are given nothing more than a few lines of dialogue and what seems to be a repeating of days only with different leads for each day, while all the time telling the story of the main character. The few words we actually get to read just help you read through the story at a nice pace, while all the time giving you little snippets into the life of the struggling family. It isn’t till the last few pages of the story that you begin to piece everything together, and things start to fall into place. This is done perfectly by the creative team, giving just enough to grip you, then when you can’t take waiting anymore, you get the dark and gritty climax to this heart breaking story.

When I review books I usually like to talk about each individual creator, artist and writer, but this time I truly see the full collaboration of both JAR and Mira. The stark contrast between the mothers living hell, and the happiness she is trying to provide for the family is very apparent, especially with the colours used on the happy pages, and the distinctive black, whites, and greys used to depict the gloom and sadness of the others, right up until the shocking conclusion. This truly is an independent work of art, from both collaborators.

If you are a fan of independent comics, please consider backing this great kickstarter project on the following link, you most certainly will not regret doing so.

To Mira and Jar, Bravo, I instantly re-read this story., and to Josh, Jay, and the POI crew thanks for letting me read this book.

Please visit the kickstarter for Split



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