StarFest Prepares for May the Fouth Celebration

We all know that May the Fourth is becoming a bigger thing each year.  This year, StarFest is planning an entire weekend of fun for all your Star Wars needs! Here is list of things planned that you need to make sure to check out – Get your StarFest 2014 tickets HERE

Here is a list of Confirmed and Invited Guests –

Amanda Tapping Confirmed
Billy Dee Williams Confirmed
Nichelle Nichols Confirmed
Tim Russ Confirmed
Sam Witwer Confirmed
Suzie Plakson Confirmed
Patrick Stewart Still Invited



A Whole Bunch of Star Wars Fun For Everyone!

Jar Jar Dunk Tank
(All weekend long! – sponsored by the Denver County Fair!) Jar Jar Binks Dunk Tank! For those who hate Jar Jar – Don’t miss this chance to publicly show your disdain! For those who love Jar Jar – help Jar Jar visit his watery homeworld of Naboo (at least for a minute)!

Miss Empire Pageant
(Sunday) Are you the most Evil and Glamorous female in the Empire? …Not to mention the Official “StarFest Miss Empire” sash and tiara? Register for the pageant by emailing

Send a short note describing your two-minute talent presentation and why you want to win! Only 15 entrants allowed. We’ll let you know if you are in by April 25!

Boba Fett Hunt
( All weekend long) Register at Convention Information and get your list of “Wanted Characters!”  Find them at the con, and snap a pic of you with the character. The more costumed characters you capture, the closer you come to winning the Boba Fett Bounty Hunt Grand prize!

Master Jedi Gage and DanielStar Wars Lightsaber Pinata Training
(Sunday) Lightsaber Pinata Training with Jedi Masters Gage and Daniel! For kids 10 and under to hone their Jedi Skills! You’re blindfolded, with a light saber, trying to smash the floating piñata… (You remember that scene!)
Be the Jedi you were meant to be!

These ARE the Droids You’re Looking For!
(All Weekend long) It’s Trivia Bowl meets Scavenger Hunt in this weekend-long quest to find the full set of Droid stickers hidden around the con!

Star Wars Hall Costume Contest
(Sunday) Here is your chance to show off your Star Wars costume and win some great prizes! Go to Convention Information and pick up your “official number”.  Convention attendees will determine who has the Force with Them on this one!

Yoda Sound Alike

(Sunday) Think like Yoda you can sound? Live in the Main Events Room. Prize, you may win! Show up 10 minutes early to enter!

Additional Star Wars Events and Competitions!
Star Wars Balcony Decoration (Decorate your Atrium balcony)
Best Star Wars Costume Category — Take home the honor in our Saturday night costume contest!
Best Star Wars Art — Prize category in the StarFest Art Show!
Find the Star Wars reference in the video room — All non-Star Trek videos will have some reference to Star Wars. Some are more obvious than others. How many can you spot?


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