Hybrid Interests Ep 27

This time I have Nicole come by for a geeky chat – This is Nicole’s 2nd visit to Hybrid, but i never recorded the first time we chatted.  We talk Conventions, Art, Kickstarters and more!  Join me in welcoming @Fury_Conception to the podcast and be sure to check out her Etsy page HERE

Episode 27





An Elegant Weapon Episode CII…Motor City Comic Con Part 1

Here it is, kids! Part 1 of our official coverage of Motor City Comic Con 2014. On this episode we put the spotlight on Star Wars with featured interviews with artists Joe Corroney and Mark McKenna as well as a chat with the 501st Legion Michigan Garrison.

A Jedi Ras cut.

Episode 102



A Critical Moment of Awesome Ep. 149: We’ll Never Be…NPR

We get a little serious this week on A Critical Moment of Awesome. Dave the Drummer and Francis the Other Guy talk a little about the future of our whole podcast thing, Francis’ new obsession with NPR, and a movie review of Godzilla. We’re much more conversational this week, with an attempt at some insight and some intelligence. So sit back, relax, grab a doughnut and enjoy this week’s all new Crit Mo.

Bad Music Video Of The Week: White Gal Yardie – Want Me: http://youtu.be/io2LPZa50No

You’re listening to A Critical Moment of Awesome, the devolution of a great idea. From pop culture, to music, movies, games, science, food and more, we really do cover it all. If you want to suggest a topic, have questions or want to tell us what we got wrong, write us at critmo@mail.com. Thanks again for listening.

Episode 149


Gamerstable Despicable & Dastardly – Ep162

Villains are one thing, then there are those that are so hated that the heroes will stop at nothing to get at them.

What are the qualities that make a villain despicable and dastardly?

If you have some input on this, leave a comment here, via email or on our Facebook page.


Cast – Eric, Mike, Dan, Brandon, Shannon, Jayson & Shawn


Episode 162