A Critical Moment of Awesome Ep. 149: We’ll Never Be…NPR

We get a little serious this week on A Critical Moment of Awesome. Dave the Drummer and Francis the Other Guy talk a little about the future of our whole podcast thing, Francis’ new obsession with NPR, and a movie review of Godzilla. We’re much more conversational this week, with an attempt at some insight and some intelligence. So sit back, relax, grab a doughnut and enjoy this week’s all new Crit Mo.

Bad Music Video Of The Week: White Gal Yardie – Want Me: http://youtu.be/io2LPZa50No

You’re listening to A Critical Moment of Awesome, the devolution of a great idea. From pop culture, to music, movies, games, science, food and more, we really do cover it all. If you want to suggest a topic, have questions or want to tell us what we got wrong, write us at critmo@mail.com. Thanks again for listening.

Episode 149



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