A Critical Moment of Awesome Ep. 150: “I’m So Street, I Get Parking Tickets!”

Last week, Dave the Drummer and Francis the Other Guy tried to take things seriously. This week it’s back to nonsense as we review Dave’s new favorite movie, “Still Flowin” starring, directed, written, and produced by Bad Music Video alum, Raed. While Francis dies in horror, Dave squeals with glee. We even squeeze in an “X-Men: Days of Future Past” review and some talk about Twitter crusades, and much more. Keeping the #cancelcritmo flames fresh on this week’s episode.

Bad Music Video Of The Week: 3 Second Rule – Lisa Gail Allred http://youtu.be/57Sb14dyaUc

You’re listening to A Critical Moment of Awesome, the devolution of a great idea. From pop culture, to music, movies, games, science, food and more, we really do cover it all. If you want to suggest a topic, have questions or want to tell us what we got wrong, write us at critmo@mail.com. Thanks again for listening.

Episode 150



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