Hybrid Interests Ep 29

Im joined by Jason from AlcohalCinema – We get way off course and pretty much chat about a bunch of movies and eventually get into talking about podcasting and other Geekery.  Make some popcorn and enjoy as we just geek out about movies, what we loved, liked and disliked of titles from yesterday to just recently.

I had the honor of appearing on his show, Alcohal Cinema just after the recording of this podcast – Be sure to check out the fun we had talking about Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure!

Episode 29


Hybrid Interests Ep 28



This time i’m joined by POI Family member, Jason Webb.  We chat about Geekdom, Batman, Comics and more!  Get your Earl Grey out and enjoy an International conversation from Denver all the way to England

Be sure to check out PointsOfInterestPodcast.com for Jason’s comicbook reviews!

The Dragon Fisters Episode 126: Actual Play – It’s a Caravan!

The party, recently returning from a successful hunt, returns to their somewhat menial positions within the settlement.  However, a short time later, news comes in of a caravan needing an escort from Langen.  Several units – including those or our party – are called upon to assist, and of course where our party goes trouble will soon follow.

Jesse (Game Master), Dave (Ro’Dash), Kelli (Falltu), Gabby (Shai), Besse (Rusk), & Trevor (Tarik)

Episode 126



Gamerstable Social Media Gaming – Ep171

Something we know a little about is the next wave of tabletop gaming, social media gaming. It is using social media to make connections, find games or even play the games themselves. We asked our friend Kevin to join us to help elaborate on this and share his experience with it.

If you have some input on this, leave a comment here, via email or on our Facebook page.

Cast – Eric, Dan, Kevin, Brandon, Mike, Jayson and Shawn

Episode 171