Media Junk Food Special : A conversation with Rob Paulsen

The Mistress of evil, Sheryl, was lucky enough to sit down with voice actor Rob Paulsen(Yakko, Pinky, Donatello) at Geek Con 2014 for a chat about bullying and chasing your dreams. Also, Mr. Paulsen addresses the Jedi Ras’s insistency that he podcast with Ralph Garman. Hear what he had to say!

A Conversation with Rob Paulsen




An Elegant Weapon Episode CXVIII…Deep Sea OGN

The Jedi Ras welcomes writer Ricky Lima ( Black Hole Hunters Club ) and artist D.A. Bishop ( Stranger ) to discuss their new project Deep Sea, an original graphic novel. Please visit the Deep Sea OGN Kickstarter for a preview and support this original and imaginative story from two talented Canadian comic creators!

Episode CXVIII







Back When We Were Interesting Ep. 24 – This Old Cell Phone (& Our 1st Google Hangouts Episode!)

Welcome to Back When We Were Interesting, where we talk about the stories and the experiences that make us and you, interesting. We see the return of Shelley Rossell this week with Josh Hawkes and Francis the Other Guy as they try out, for the first time, a Google Hangout, and the first episode to be on YouTube. Check it out here: Inspired by the brand new, gigantic iPhone 6 Plus coming out this week, they discuss the old tech they loved and a simpler times when all you had was a single string of green numbers to call home. It’s all that and much more nostalgia, on this week’s Back When podcast

Episode 24