Comics and Coffee Episode 1

It’s here! Episode 1 of the Comics and Coffee Podcast with Da Nerdette and friends. Lex Noil and Michelle Espinoza

Talking Marvel, DC, the Wolverine car, the history of female superheroes in film and Howard the Duck!




Speak G33k 2 Me Episode 12!

Our long-awaited return! Meet new co-host Michelle. Yugioh! New and old Star Wars. Yer a wizard, Harry! We bring all of the emotions out with Harry Potter discussions and Savanna might say the word “SO” a few too many times.

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An Elegant Weapon Episode CXXVII…TGACC Chats From The Floor

The Jedi Ras conducts floor interviews from The Great Allentown Comic Con featuring Gigi Edgley ( Farscape, Jim Henson’s Creature Shop Challenge, Hashtag ) comic artist Mark McKenna ( Banana Tails, Star Wars, Marvel, DC, Detective Comics ) and Christy Carlson Romano (Even Stevens, Kim Possible, Family Guy )

Check out the kickstarter for Gigi’s new short film Hashtag and support!

A Jedi Ras cut.

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Back When We Were Interesting Ep. 33 – Thanksgiving

Welcome to Back When We Were Interesting, where we talk about the stories and the experiences that make us and you, interesting. Shelley Rossell, Josh Hawkes, and Francis Fernandez prepare for next week as they discuss their stories of Thanksgiving and the insanity of Black Friday. From fried turkeys, to working the holidays, we cover this day of thanks from all sides. So get a slice of pie, drink up some sparkling cider and enjoy this episode of the Back When Podcast, where we’re thankful we have you.



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The Dragon Fisters Episode 144: Actual Play – You Know Too Much

This Episode: The group returns to Derefeld with their bounty and brings good tidings to the community, as well as reaching out to Skittel’s apprentice. While waiting for some business to get cleared up in town, Shai opens up about a project

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The DragonFisters
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