Back When We Were Interesting Ep. 65 – Day of the Dead (1985)

Welcome to Back When We Were Interesting, where we talk about the stories and the experiences that make us and you, interesting. We’re a few days from Halloween, so Josh Hawkes, Shelley Rossell, & Francis Fernandez thought they’d take the horror up a notch with George A. Romero’s zombie classic, “Day of the Dead”. Is it their real life or is it just fantasy? Survivors caught in a zombie landslide, no escape from that reality. A review that pits two people against each other. Will they bite each other’s brains out, or see eye to slimy eye? It’s all that and much more on this week’s Back When Podcast.

Back When We Were Interesting


A Critical Moment of Awesome Ep. 205 – Back to the Future of Star Wars

This is a Critical Moment of Awesome, where we it’s all about what’s popular and unpopular in pop culture. This week, Francis the other Guy & Dave the Drummer talk about Back to the Future 2 day, the Star Wars trailer, Rosemary’s Baby, a new clothing line, and so much more. We’re trying to make the world a better place, one dumb idea at a time, on this week’s Crit Mo.

A Critical Moment of Awesome


The Dragon Fisters Episode 191: Actual Play – City of Doors

This Episode: After arriving in Sigil, the party searches around for a means to escape this current dimension and make their way back home. However, they soon find out that navigating the City of Doors about just as difficult a task as navigating the planes themselves.

Jesse (Game Master), Dave (Dorian), Al (Marmolek), Besse (Leo), & John (Gallyn)


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