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CON-ventional Wisdom Ep. 006


In this Episode, Francis and Josh recap their San Diego Comic Con International experience.

This was an amazing experience, that was made possible by Jeff Burns of Super Geeked Up and Shelley Rossell from Back When We Were Interesting.
Listen in as the boys tell you the tale of walking into the CW Press Junket for the TV show, Arrow.  Or how they walked right into the famed Hall H like they owned it, during the WB Panel.




Heroes And Coffee (Episode #43): Justice League Special (w/ Troy of BlerdCulture)

Phoenix Da Nerdette is joined by MamaJo, Lex Noil (LexFactor Show) and Special Guest Troy of The Blerd Culture Podcast. Troy drops the crew some K-Nowledge on both The Justice League and Wonder Woman, the crew offer their SDCC predictions/hopes on possible JLA News and appearances, while having a rant off on some trouble-makers regarding the new Wonder Woman.





Lex Factor’s Cosplay Alley (Episode 2) Interview w Kathryn Turner of (SparkleRyuichi Cosplay)

Lex Noil sits down and talks to Kathryn Turner of (SparkleRyuichi Cosplay) on episode #2 of Cosplay Alley. Come listen as he ask Kathryn about her beginning days into the cosplay world and her first time going to an anime convention.






A Critical Moment of Awesome – Better To Be Stupid

This episode, we’re ballsy, and we’re studs, as Dave the Drummer and Francis the Other Guy get serious with the latest news. It’s all about the potential presidential nominee, the want to be stupid, the love of ignorance, John Boyega, the Talking Heads, and so much more. We’re better than a dog’s bollocks, and that’s saying something, for this week’s Crit Mo.





CON-ventional Wisdom Ep 004

Welcome Back to CON-ventional Wisdom!

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This month we welcome Jeff Burns from Super Geeked Up to tell us all about Albany Comic Con and what the Super Geeked Up Crew is up to.
We also welcome Shelley Rossell from Back When We Were Interesting to share her thoughts on the differences between Volunteering and Attending a show as an Attendee.  Also her report on ACBC (Atlantic City Boardwalk Con) as a Member of Press
Finally we wrap up the show with a little talk about Denver Comic Con and what fun we had all 4years the show has been around.  We also chat about POI Members meeting up in Denver for the first time and what it as like having a table at a Convention.
Con-Wiz – We cover shows, so you don’t have to!